Todd Miller


Todd was born and raised in what is now central Phoenix. He’s backpacked across Europe, worked at a bakery in Sedona, and even drove up the Western coast to Alaska, where he lived for a while. He married his wife, Wendy, in 1983 and they raised five kids together.  

Somewhere in there – somehow – Todd founded his own painting company, with several years of painting and construction experience under his belt.  He enjoys jazz, traveling adventures, and spending time with his kids and grandkids.

No, “Todd” isn’t short for anything. 

wendy Miller

office manager

Wendy runs the company from behind the scenes. She manages the books, as well as her husband’s wacky filing system, and generally keeps everything in line.
After growing up in the middle of ten children in Phoenix, having five of her own was no big deal (at least by comparison). With the kids all grown up, she fills up her free time with grandchildren, reading, running, and baking all the sugary treats she can.